Advanced Bionics



Client: Sonova China

Location: Suzhou, P.R.C.

Industry Sector: Pharmaceutical, Medical, Health Care

Typology: Greenfield

Project Size: 11,350 m2

Project date: 2013-2014

Services: Architecture Design, Interior Design

Advanced Bionics, SUZHOU

Advanced Bionics, the high-tech hearing implants specialist of the Swiss Sonova group, set the target to establish a new production and office building in Suzhou. VIRTUARCH was requested to design a landmark building which would represent AB’s leadership in its sector.The second building is mainly to provide small meeting rooms and office spaces. The overall design of the buildings is still in European style, which we enriched with some Chinese elements.

Inspired by the high-tech implants and the ergonomic design of the hearing aids products, VIRTUARCH came up with a unique shape for the office building. this building hosts trendy loft-style open-space offices and a number of comfortable manager offices and discreet meeting rooms.

A stunning lobby welcomes the employees and guests, and an amazing elliptic shape break-out area surrounded by interior gardens forms the social heart of the building.


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