HVAC Engineer


  1. Responsible for the design management and support construction management for HVAC and plumbing (including HVAC, plumbing, firefighting, compressed air system, etc.).
  2. Collect customer’s requirements, and assist on concept design or construction drawing design;
  3. Prepare technical requirements and support procurement;
  4. Review construction drawings, shop drawings, material samples and other technical documents;
  5. Manage the design changes and review the related quantities and costs;
  6. Check the construction quality and resolve design issues;
  7. Support other work of design manager and project manager.


  1. Education: Bachelor degree, major in HVAC;
  2. Good written and spoken English;
  3. About 5-8 years in HVAC design experience / construction management experience is preferred;
  4. Familiar with local professional standards, experience in foreign projects is preferred;
  5. Good teamwork spirit, communication and coordination ability.

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